Query Builder

Software that saves money and time for Ecommerce merchants and drop shippers within Shopify.

Feature 01

Extract data

Extract any data from your online Store. Query Builder will help you to create the report and analyze sales, product, marketing, customer, accounting, tax and transaction data.

Feature 02

Runtime report

Query Builder saves time and money by let you create the reports on your computer when you need. You don't have to wait or depend on any server action.

Feature 03

Summarize data

Detail to Big picture – View granular level of your store data to summary of the same data. Summary of the data is presented through Pivot table which you can create by yourself in Excel.

Feature 04

Export data

Export the data in any format – Export reports in various formats like Excel, CSV

Free for all

For now, Query Builder is free to use.

What you will get
  • Full functions
  • Full features
  • Full supports
  • Free updates

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